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Tips and Recipes
Sample Menus: Eight Days of delicious dining to celebrate Buy Local Week!

These sample menus feature eight days of fabulous dishes highlighting fresh local produces. Detailed recipes are included here for items marked with an asterisk. Thanks to Chef Brett and friends of Even' Star Farm for this sample menu selection.

Day I

Gazpacho soup*

Summer omelet with local free range eggs, herbs, with or without local goat cheese

Cucumber salad

Foccaccia with local herbs and caramelized onions

Sauteed peaches with whipped cream and cinnamon

Day 2

Italian sausage and peppers with local sausage and bell peppers*

Fresh heirloom tomato salad, dressed with fresh basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Crusty bread from local baker

Blackberry crisp with vanilla ice cream

Day 3

Easy white pizza with squash blossoms*

Chilled spaghetti squash and tomato salad*

Nectarine upside down cake (see Joy of Cooking, Rombauer and Becker)

Day 4

Stuffed and deep-fried squash blossoms*

Pasta estivi*

Cucumber salad with sublime salad dressing*

Steamed sweet corn

Fresh sliced chilled watermelon

Day 5

Burgers from local free-range beef with herbs and garlic*

Home-made French fries

Sliced chilled tomatoes and cucumbers

Peach cobbler (see Joy of Cooking, Rombauer and Becker)

Homemade Vanilla ice cream

Day 6

Grilled steak or rockfish filet with cherry tomato relish*

Refreshing chilled okra*

Potato salad

Raspberries with cream

Day 7

Grilled shrimp with caramelized cherry tomato sauce* served over linguine

Crusty bread

Sauteed summer squash with tomato and corn*

Watermelon Daiquiris with or without rum or vodka

Day 8

Pesto with fresh basil* over linguine or angel hair pasta

Tomato salad

Crusty bread

Blackberry Nectarine cobbler (see Joy of Cooking, Rombauer and Becker)